Weight Loss Program

Welcome to BWMedMD. We are excited that you are committed to improving your health and have invited our practice to be part of your journey. Our approach to the medical management of weight loss is similar to that of other chronic diseases, like asthma or high blood pressure. Treatment is tailored to your needs and may look different than someone else in this program. Weight-loss success is dependent on many factors, including your motivation and commitment to better health.

You will be provided with compassionate care that is non-judgmental and sensitive to your needs. Commitment to your medical safety is paramount, particularly when prescribing weight-loss medications. Your success is not only measured by “pounds lost” – but we will also track improvements in your laboratory work, vital signs, body composition, and quality of life.

Weight loss and maintenance can be a challenging endeavor. We want to celebrate your successes and support you if you encounter difficult times. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and share any struggles you may have. For some patients, there may be many attempts at weight loss before lasting success is found and that success can be found with a little courage and determination.

Overview of Medical Weight Management at BWMedMD

1. Medication protocol
If medication is needed to help you with your weight loss, only FDA-approved medications will be prescribed.
You may need referrals for items 2, 3, and 4, which we will discuss whenever it applies at your visit(s).
2. Exercise Protocol
Exercise prescription for weight loss and weight maintenance.
3. Diet Protocol
4. Bariatric Surgery

Price Breakdown

From your first visit to follow-ups – here is a breakdown of BWMedMD weight management costs. BWMedMD does not accept medical insurance for payment, so it is our goal to keep costs comparable to what you would typically spend during an office visit.
At the end of each visit, a detailed receipt will be emailed to you, you may submit your receipt to your healthcare insurance for reimbursement.

Comprehensive Initial Assessment $155
Follow Up Office Visit/Video $85
Labs & EKG You can complete tests at a facility assigned by your medical insurance
Weight Loss Medications You can obtain your medications from your pharmacy using your medical insurance
Body Composition Analysis $15
Vitamin B12 Injection (optional) $15 (Not Offered)
Weight Loss Vitamin Supplements Not Offered
Meal Replacement Bar & Shakes Not Offered


New Patient Medical History Form
Financial Policy
Why I Want To Lose Weight/How I Plan To Lose Weight
Weight Loss Program Consent Form
Rules for Use of Anti-Obesity Control Medications
Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information